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Dear friends,

we are exploring ways for improving security and privacy services based on the concept of Secure Intermediary. F-Secure Freedome is one instantiation of that concept and is in the focus of the CloSe research. While important parts of the research are heavily data-driven, we naturally cannot analyze Freedome traffic of the “standard” users. So, we’ve built a special version of the Freedome app – Android only for now – and deployed Freedome servers for it in the UK and Netherlands (one more in Finland is in the plans).

We are asking your assistance in making the CloSe version of Freedome as real as possible. Please help us by installing the app to your devices and using it as naturally as you can.

The key facts to know are:

  • The service is free for you to use.
  • You can use the service for free as long as the research project is running, at least until June 2016 and likely for two more years.
  • We collect some data from your online activities (browsing, app use) for research purposes to learn ways of detecting online attacks, leakage of private information, unwanted tracking, and similar.
  • We are NOT collecting the actual content of your communications, content of target websites, or what you are actually sending to the net (such as uploading photos or writing text).
  • We plan to collect IP addresses, port numbers, protocols, file types, target domain names, URL structures and data, whether your device is hijacked for joining a botnet, detecting visits to malicious websites and malware downloads.
  • We do get your device IP, but to protect your privacy, we will never use it to connect to you and will remove it before analyzing the data.
  • We purge the collected data on six month intervals to erase any trace of possibly identifiable online activity history.


To join the CloSe Freedome community or ask questions, please send an email to:

specifying your GooglePlay name (your gmail address would do).

More information about F-Secure Freedome can be found at:

The statement shown to the user when joining the “CloSe Freedome” group can be found here:

"Freedome-CloSe-data-analysis" document

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