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Tuutti 1.6.2023

Summer courses

There are still several summer courses starting in late summer i.e. beginning of August. See summer course list here: https://www.aalto.fi/en/other-studies/summer-studies.

Intro to Scientific Computing / HPC Summer Kickstart

Aalto Scientific Computing's summer kickstart course happens again this summer. This course is designed to provide researchers (and research assistants) with the background skills and tools they need to do science well, designed around the problems that researchers of all levels face. Day 1 is general scientific computing topics (Linux, data management, tools at Aalto, ...), and days 2-3 go to the Triton cluster (high-performance computing). The course is livestream, anyone may attend and material is immediately available for review.

The course is arranged 6-8 June, afternoons -  no ECTS credits given but the course give many tools that makes life and work in CS easier!

Teaching assistant as a learning instructor (2 ECTS), enrolment open 15.5.–17.9.

Going to be working as a teaching assistant? This course is for CHEM, ELEC, ENG & SCI course assistants already having some current or upcoming teaching responsibilities. The course is designed to provide an introduction to pedagogical approaches and tools to support your work as a teaching assistant. The course will take place in autumn 9.10.–11.12.2023. Enrol at https://www.aalto.fi/en/events/teaching-assistant-as-a-learning-instructor-2-ects-enrolment-open-until-1792023

Campus opening hours during summer

Campus opening hours over the holiday season have been updated on the Opening hours page. Exceptional opening hours of campus buildings in the separate table below normal opening hours.

Campus restaurants have reduced opening hours during the holiday season. Check exceptional opening hours on Restaurants and cafés page.


ELLIS Distinguished Lecture – Matthew E. Taylor: Human and agent cooperative learning

Monday, June 5 at 16:00-17:00 in lecture hall Y405 Otakaari 1

Secure Systems Demo Day 2023

The Secure Systems Demo Day is an annual meet-up for researchers and students in academia and industry and gives an overview of the current information security research going on in Finland’s capital area in the fields of platform security, machine learning and privacy, network security and security engineering, 5G security and applied cryptography, and usable security. More information and the preliminary program on the event page: https://ssg.aalto.fi/events/secure-systems-demo-day-2023/

Please register to receive the latest information and a calendar invitation: https://link.webropol.com/ep/Secure-systems-demo-day-2023

The Secure Systems Demo Day is part of Helsinki-Aalto Institute for Cybersecurity (HAIC) public outreach program and jointly organized by the Secure Systems Groups at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. The event is open to all and free of charge.

Thursday, 8 June at 12:00-17:00 in the CS Building

DSc defences

Mustafa Mert Çelikok: Model-based Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning for AI Assistants

Opponent: Associate Professor Matthew E. Taylor, University of Alberta, USA
Custos: Professor Samuel Kaski
Monday, 5 June at 12:00 in lecture hall R001/Y405 in Undergraduate Centre

Iiris Sundin: Interactive Knowledge Elicitation for Decision-Support Models in Precision Medicine

Opponent: Doctor Danielle Belgrave, DeepMind, United Kingdom
Custos: Professor Samuel Kaski
Tuesday, 20 June at 12:00 in AS1, Maarintie 8

Mari Tyllinen: Process for Usability Evaluation for Selecting an Information System in Public Procurement - Measuring Usability of Health and Social Welfare IS

Opponent: Professor Christian Nøhr, Aalborg University, Denmark
Custos: Assistant Professor Johanna Viitanen
Friday, 18 August at 12:00 in AS1, Maarintie 8

News highlights

Blind trust in enhancement technologies encourages risk-taking even if the tech is a sham

A placebo effect can make users overconfident when they think tech is helping them

New AI research project investigates migrant trust and inclusive digital public services

Researchers are investigating what trustworthiness means for migrants in the digital age and how digital public services could be made more inclusive using multimodal conversational AI

Chat AIs can role-play humans in surveys and pilot studies

Synthetic data from large language models can mimic human responses in interviews and questionnaires. Research data from popular crowdsourcing platforms may now contain fake responses that cannot be reliably detected, raising the risk of poisoned data

Turbo-charging AI: Collaboration with NVIDIA renewed as joint tech center marks three years

NVIDIA AI Technology Center (NVAITC) Finland has accelerated research, training and computing power in over a dozen projects where high-performance computing meets AI

Mikko Kiviharju's research delves into the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure

Aalto University’s new Professor of Practice Mikko Kiviharju thinks information security should be integral to organisations and not just another software product

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