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Welcome everyone! This wiki space is the home of Tuutti Newsletter. Tuutti is the student newsletter published by the Department of Computer Science. Tuutti appears once a month from August to May with announcements, open job positions at the department, events and other relevant information for students of the department.

New students starting their studies in CS Department degree programmes are added to the recipient list every autumn based on the Sisu student register. Students from other departments, e.g. students completing their minor at CS, are welcome to subscribe to the newsletter at https://list.aalto.fi/mailman/listinfo/tuutti. The newest Tuutti is sent by email to the recipient list and can also be read in this wiki space.

Unsubscribing: If you do not want to receive the newsletter anymore, please visit the same link https://list.aalto.fi/mailman/listinfo/tuutti to unsubscribe.

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Tuutti 21.9.2023

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