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CS News - 22 May 2020

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Funding news

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Biosciences, Health and Environment awarded the Academy Research Fellow post:

Lu Cheng: Systematic approach to study alternative splicing from scRNA-seq in cancer. 

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Culture and Society awarded the Academy Research Fellow post:

Johanna Ylipulli: Digital inequality in smart cities.

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering awarded the Academy Research Fellow post:

Markus Heinonen: Deep learning with differential equations.

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering awarded three Postdoctoral Researcher posts:

Måns Magnusson: Text-as-Data in Statistics: Theory, Methods and Applications,
Onerva Korhonen: The Multilayer Brain: Optimized multilayer network representations for the human brain in health and disease,
Michail Sioutis: Just-in-time Inference for Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Reasoning. 

Congratulations Lu, Johanna, Markus, Måns, Onerva and Michail!

Open positions for students of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science is opening three calls for research-oriented students at different levels

The Doctoral Track Programme is a competitive research-oriented study programme for exceptional Master’s students and provides an opportunity for selected students to combine Master’s and doctoral studies. The present call is open for Aalto students wishing to enter this programme. Deadline for the applications is 29 May 2020.

The Honours Programme in Computer Science provides exceptionally qualified Aalto CS Master’s students an opportunity for research-related part-time employment during semesters in the department’s research groups. Deadline for the applications is 31 August 2020.

The Competitive co-funded doctoral student positions call is for new starting or recently started doctoral students who have a committed supervisor at the Department of Computer Science. The funding follows a "2+2" co-funding model, i.e. 24 months department funding + 24 months supervisor's own funding. Deadline for the applications is 29 May 2020.

In case you have questions about the calls, please don’t hesitate to contact Niina Idänheimo or Pekka Orponen.

Latest news at CS Aalto

Engaging the social and political in designing technologies

Nitin Sawhney explores the role of human-centered research and design, beyond the traditional boundaries of computer science, in transforming civic action. Read more at

Meet our newest Academy of Finland Fellows

Our researchers who have been awarded Academy of Finland fellowships tell us about what their projects will investigate. Read more at

Events via Zoom

25 May: AI and Data Science Against COVID-19

One-hour ses­sion chaired by prof. Simo Särkkä, leader of AI across fields in FCAI and the fol­low­ing talks:
Otto Seiskari, Indoor Atlas
Alexander Törnroth, FAIA Task Force
Monday, 25 May at 14:00-15:00, join URL: 

26 May: Research Software Hour

An online stream/show about scientific computing and research software, put on by Richard Darst and Radovan Bast. In it, you can experience the human side of computing and learn all sorts of tips and tricks. Come with your questions about SciComp (it's fine if they are somewhat Aalto related).
Tuesday, 26 May at 21:30 on Twitch

27 May: Computer Science and Sustainability Science seminar

The second sessions topic is how computer science can help sustainability science.
Wednesday, 27 May at 14:00-16:00, Join URL:

27 May: Aalto Theory Seminar

Krzysztof Nowicki, University of Wroclaw: Faster Algorithms for Edge Connectivity via Random 2-Out Contractions
Wednesday, 27 May at 14:15-15:00, subscribe to receive a weekly mail on the current topic and a link for Zoom

28 May: Scicomp Garage 

Need help during remote work? Did you know that the scientific computing garage (Triton garage) continues online. Join if you need any help with Triton or other computing tools in your research.
Thursday, 28 May at 13:00-14:00, join URL:

28 May: Mentoring Space

Mentoring space (previously known as mentoring puzzle garage), an initiative started by Aalto’s computer science department postdocs, to help guide researchers.
Thursday, 28 May at 15:00-16:00, join URL:


UniSports live online exercise breaks 

Regardless of where you are, UniSport will provide you livestreamed exercise breaks from the Think Corner. Welcome to exercise, wherever you are! Carefree shoulders live every weekday 13: 00-13:15 (until 17 June).

DSc defences

MSc Sebastian Prepelita: "Verification and validation of wave-based simulations of head-related transfer functions"

Opponent: Professor Ning Xiang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Custos: Professor Lauri Savioja
Friday, 29 May at 16:00, join URL:

MSc Anar Bazarhanova: "Managing change in a dominant infrastructure for digital identification"

Opponent: Professor Marko Seppänen, Tampere University, Finland
Custos: Professor Kari Smolander
Friday, 5 June at 12:00, link to the online public defence will be updated later

MSc Kourosh Naderi: "Discovering, Synthesizing, and Learning Climbing Movements"

Opponent: Professor Steven LaValle, University of Oulu, Finland
Custos: Professor Perttu Hämäläinen
Monday, 8 June at 12:00, link to the online public defence will be updated later

MSc thesis presentations

Eric Cornelissen: "Cryptographic Analysis of the Message Layer Security Protocol in the Static Corruption Model"

Supervisor: Assistant Professor Chris Brzuska
Friday, 22 May at 16:00, join URL

Shiting Long: "A Modelling and Simulation Tool for DNA Strand Displacement Systems"

Supervisor: Professor Pekka Orponen
Monday, 25 May at 11:00, join URL

Funding calls

Upcoming research funding calls see the Aalto RIS funding calendar

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Funding agencies move Spring deadlines forward. See call pages for current information!

Future Makers 2020 Funding – DL 31 May 2020
  • Joint call by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation, and Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation 

  • Funding figh-level research openings in digital technologies and service models that build the sustainable renewal of Finnish industry and society. The applied funding 100-500kEUR, ambitious projects can apply up to 1 MEUR.

  • Summary in English ( 

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation – DL 31 May 2020 (1st stage)
  • Grants for doctoral studies, post-doctoral research and funding for research groups.

H2020: FET-OPEN Challenging Current Thinking  – DL 3 June 2020
  • The submission deadline has been extended to 03/06/2020

  • Open topic for radical, interdisciplinary technology consortium projects

MATINE (Ministry of Defence) – DL 15 June 2020
NordForsk – DL 16 June 2020
H2020 - DL 17 June 2020 (extended from 22 April)
H2020 - DL 18 June 2020 (extended from 22 April)
Business Finland: COVID-19 related research – DL 30 June 2020
  • Solutions that help in corona crisis or in the renewal of affected industries.

  • Aalto infopage

H2020: FET Proactive – Boosting emerging technologies: Environmental Intelligence - DL 2 July 2020
  • New synergies between the distant disciplines of environmental modelling, advanced sensor research, social sciences, and Artificial Intelligence.
H2020: ERC Advanced Grant – DL 26 August 2020
H2020: Digital Security – DL 27 August 2020
H2020: AI and security (Law Enforcement in Europe) – DL 27 August 2020
EU Marie Curie – DL 29 September 2020
EU CHIST-ERA – DL January 2021
  • CHIST-ERA provides funding to international consortiums for research on digital technologies with a high potential impact. For Finnish partners, funding comes from the Academy of Finland and follows its usual funding scheme. 

  • Two topics: Advanced Brain-Computer Interfaces for Novel Interactions and Towards Sustainable ICT.

Business Finland (BF) Research funding – Continuous call
Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation Research funding – Continuous call


See more funding calls from RIS calendar and from CS wiki Funding Calls.
The national research funding database for science, art and culture: Aurora.

Trainings for project management and research funding, organized by RIS: See page Training to support research.

Information on coronavirus

New information on the coronavirus is updated to this webpage.

We will continue to work primarily from home over the spring and summer. We will re-examine the remote working policy by 31 July. As of 14 May, however, it will be possible for Aalto University employees to work on campus if necessary. In order to guarantee employee safety, all those wishing to work on campus must send an email to by 16.00 on the day preceding the scheduled visit.

Teaching and studying will continue mainly remotely during the spring and summer. We will review the guidelines again by 31 July. As of 14 May, thesis-related work and examinations with a low number of participants may be done on campus, as decided by the particular school, by notifying

As previously recommended, no guests are to be received on campus; instead, meetings should be organised to take place online when possible. If it is necessary to meet on campus, we ask that the person in charge of the visit send a notification of the the date, place and number attending to by 16.00 of day preceding the visit.


Aalto University’s contact point to questions regarding the coronavirus:

In questions related to the CS department and the coronavirus, please contact:

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