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Fashion and the Institution of Marketing

Wednesday December 5, 2012, 2:00PM - 4:00 PM

AaltoBIZ, main building, class room A-401


Fashion, which was a process of diffusion in traditional cultures, has turned into a principle that permeates modern marketing and confirms the status of marketing as an institution of modern society.  A study of the creation and diffusion of high fashion clothing system in contemporary culture, makes it possible to observe that modern marketing is not simply a mechanism or a set of activities performed by organizations, but a modern institution that involves all members of society, including consumers, organizations, and multiple other agencies.


A. Fuat Fırat is Distinguished Visiting Professor at Aalto University School of Business, Department of Communication and Professor of Marketing at the University of Texas---Pan American. He completed his Ph.D. degree in marketing at Northwestern University. His research interests cover areas such as macro consumer behavior and macromarketing; postmodern culture; brands and branding; transmodern marketing strategies; gender and consumption; marketing and development; and interorganizational relations. His has won the Journal of Macromarketing Charles Slater Award for best article with co-author N. Dholakia, the Journal of Consumer Research best article award with co-author A. Venkatesh, and the Corporate Communications: An International Journal top ranked paper award with co-authors L.T. Christensen and J. Cornelissen. He has published several books including Consuming People: From Political Economy to Theaters of Consumption, co-authored by N. Dholakia, and is the founding editor of Consumption, Markets & Culture.

All staff and doctoral students welcome!

More information: Johanna Moisander: johanna.moisander(at)