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Some of our Research Findings

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Halme, M., Lindeman, S. & Linna, P. 2009. Innovation toward Inclusive Growth within Multinational Corporations: Intrapreneurship and Bricolage in Nokia and ABB. Paper was selected for presentation for the 2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting Montréal, Canada August 6-10.

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Emerald Group Publishing awarded Minna Halme, Sara Lindeman and Paula Linna’s article for being highly cited, read more

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BoP in media

  • Finpro infront, teema "Base of the Pyramid" markkinat,  2/2010, Minna Halme
  • "Bisnestä köyhien markkinoilla", Kehitys 2/2010, Minna Halme
  • "Katseet enemmistöön päin", Tekes Näköalat asiakaslehti 3/2010, Sara Lindeman
  • "Kehitysmaiden köyhyys - ja rikastu", Helsingin Sanomat Ulkomaat osasto 6.7.2008

Workshops and seminars

  • Commercialization and Scaling-up Inclusive Businesses in Emerging Markets
    20 April 2012, Helsinki Finland
  • Learning from User-driven Innovations and Entrepreneurs at the BOP
    24-25 October 2011, Nairobi Kenya
  • Exploring the BOP: Sustainable and User-driven Innovations
    17-18 January 2011, Helsinki Finland
  • Growth and Innovations at the Base of the Pyramid Markets
    April 2010, Helsinki Finland. BOP business opportunities and market-entry issues were discussed with different Finnish stakeholders.
  • Wellbeing in Low-Income Communities
    December 2008, Helsinki Finland. Discussion forum for different stakeholders. Keynote speaker was Professor Martha Nussbaum.
  • International Conference on Sustainable Innovations at the Base of the Pyramid
    September 2008, Helsinki Finland. Brought together representatives from business, academia, NGOs and the public sector to discuss whether and what kind of innovations can combat poverty at the BoP in an economically profitable way. Examples were introduced by organizations such as Nokia, GrameenPhone, ABB, UNDP and Phillips Design. 


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