WP5: Smart response services


5.1. Development of models for collision and grounding damage in ice conditions and integration into the Accident Damage Assessment Model (ADAM) (TUT, AALTO)

5.2. Development of model of oil spill in winter conditions and integration into Accident Damage and Spill Assessment Model (ADSAM) (TUT)

5.3. Development of web-based simulation tool based on ADSAM, for integration with SmartResponse Web (TUT, UTARTU)

5.4. Development of Post-Accident Ship Condition Assessment Model (PASCAM) and decision support tool for Salvage Operations (PASCAM-SOPS) (TUT, AALTO)

5.5. Development of Seatrack Web spill propagation in ice (SMHI, FMI, SYKE)

5.6. Development of Next Generation SmartResponse Web (NG-SRW) application as an element of the Common Situational Awareness (CSA) System (UTARTU, TUT, SMHI)