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ANTLOAD (Variation of Antarctic sea ice thickness and its effect on the load level of ice navigating) is a project funded by Academy of Finland. The project was launched on 1 Jan 2013 and it last till 31 Dec 2016. The aim of the project is to develop a multidisciplinary approach to analyse the effects of ice thickness variation and shipping activities on ice covered waters. The crucial topics are the determination of ice concentration and ice thickness and linking of these on the ice induced loads and vibrations onboard ships.

The objectives of the planned multidisciplinary approach are :
1) To extending Antarctic thickness data pool by shipborne profiling along the same routes during several years and to develop altimetry methods to classify ice cover with respect to navigational difficulty,
2) To use the performance of known ships as a proxy for ice thickness and develop methods, in combination with altimeter analysis, for retrieving thickness variation from their speed records,
3) To implement a high-resolution sea ice – ocean model with an enhanced thickness description and study the effect of ice dynamics to the observed variation and trends of Antarctic ice thickness,
4) To link stochastic properties of ship ice loads with prevailing ice conditions and
5) Analysis of the effect of changing ice load level on the vibration level and comfort onboard ice-going ships


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