You like high quality research facilities, don't you? Of course you do. Then do Aalto the courtesy of acknowledging the use of such in your publications. Funding agencies base their funding decisions partially on infrastructure usage and research output. Every paper missing from the annual reports diminishes our chances of securing funding for maintenance of existing and development of new infrastructures.

Still can't be bothered? Consider this your employer using their right to direct work and ordering you to tag infrastructure use in each and every of your research outputs listed in ACRIS.

Instructions can be found below. Thank you for your cooperation!

With kind regards,
Everyone ever who has tried to convince the Academy of Finland or the EU grant us more funding for research infrastructure.

Point your web browser at, find your personal research outputs and click the title of one you want to edit.

In the pop-up window, scroll down a long way...

Until you find a section called "Relations". Click the "Facilities/Equipment" button and start typing the name of the infrastructure in the search field. Select the appropriate one(s). Note: If you tag a subinfra, e.g. OtaNano Nanomicroscopy Center, please tag also the mother infrastructure (Here: OtaNano). Remember to Save before you proceed to tag infrastructures in the next paper.

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