For normal users to be able to reserver a device, price for that period has to be defined. (It can be 0 €/h, though.) To edit price tables, you need to be at least a device administrator at an infrastructure. Ask the infrastructure admins for help if you can't edit the prices.

Begin by opening the administrative interface and navigate to the device you want to set prices for. In this example, we use NMC's JEOL JIB-4700F.

Click the device name above the calendar view.

In the pop-up window, click the "Update resource" button.

Price tables are highlighted in green in the image below. For this example, we set only the Aalto Internal price, but the same process applied to other price categories, too. The most relevant categories for Aalto are

  • Aalto Internal - Price for Aalto users. This may be a subsidised price below true cost.
  • Non-Aalto Academic - Price for Academic users in other universities etc. This should be the true cost of using the device, but not contain a profit margin.
  • Commerical use - Commercial price for commercial users, including all academic users involved in contract research (tilaustutkimus).

When you click the price list name, a new pop-up window opens. Fill in the highlighted fields.

  • Pdi.price = Hourly price in euros. Use "0,01" for zero price. (Don't ask why, you don't want to know.)
  • Bdate = Beginning date for the price, format: DD.MM.YYYY
  • Edate = End date for the price, format: DD.MM.YYYY
  • Btime = Beginning time, format: HHMM
  • Etime = End time, format: HHMM

In the example below, a 50 €/h price is set for office hours (0900 - 1700) and a reduced price for the rest of the day (0000 - 0900 and 1700 - 2400). Remember to click "Save" when you have entered all the necessary information.

Pricing tables have a double function. Object availability is subject to existing price for the hour. Availability can be restricted by user group by defining a price (including a zero price) for a certain time period. For example, you can allow Aalto users access to the resource 24/7 by setting the price for the full day (0000 - 2400), but allow commercial use only on weekdays during the office hours (0900 - 1700, uncheck Sat and Sun boxes) and leave other times undefined.

When you are done setting prices, click "Save changes" and you are done.

Copying existing price listings / availability schedules

Open existing price table and click "Copying".

Select the the desired device categories. At the moment this is the only way to filter the device in this step. This is kind of stupid, but at least there is some way to group them. Proceed to select individual devices within the selected categories.

Check the boxes corresponding the devices you wish to copy the price table to. In the device listing, reddish background indicates an existing price table, while devices on gray background don't have price tables yet.

When done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Copy to selected devices" to save your changes.

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