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Infrabooking has a function to send messages to all or a subset of users. First, select "Raportit/Reports" on the front page.

Next, select report type "Käyttäjät/Users". The filters below allow selecting the target audience flexibly. For this excersize, let's send a message to all NMC users with a valid device reservation permission.

  • Not checking any boxes under "Käyttäjän rooli/User role" selects all roles.
  • Selecting all options under "A valid training/permission of selected type" is equivalent ot selecting "At least some vlaid training/permission".

Finally click the "Muodosta raportti/Run report" button.

After a moment of pondering, the system spits out a list of users that match the critedia. At the moment of writing this guide, the list contained 658 persons. Click the "Lähetä sähköpostia/Send email" button.

First, check the "Sähköposti/Email" box on the top, and then "Poista tuplat/Remove doubles". Then, if necessary, use the search function (Ctrl + F) and find and uncheck the recipients you want to exclude.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter subject and contect of the message in the corresponding fields ("Otsikko/Subject" and "Viesti/Message" respectively.). You can also attach a file to the message. When done, click the "Lähetä viesti valituille/Send message to the selected recipients" button, and you're done.

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