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  • Reachability and accessibility of the Otaniemi Campus
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Workshop code: WS09


Location: Riihi, Y225a

Goal: The aim is to assess the reachability of the campus by different means of transport eg. by public transport and by bike. The  participents are invited to share their experiences of the travel chains from home to the campus. The accessibility of the premises are discussed with the participants. How to improve orientation and wayfinding in the campus?

Method: Group work, discussion about user experience

Who should attend: service personnel, teaching staff, students


Presenter, moderators and facilitators:

  • Ira Verma, Researcher, Sotera Institute, Department of Architecture





Viscipad for easy notetaking 


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  1. Notes of the workshop WS09 (Reachability and accessibility of the Otaniemi Campus)
    Participants (list all the people who were present):
    The aim of the workshop is to (continue here) ... 
    Themes / topics debated:
    Recommendations for improved accessibility:
    Ohje vetäjille:
    Työpajan lopuksi *ainakin* yksi selvä ja strategiaan perustuva suositus saavutettavuuden kehittämiseksi. Suosituksen tulisi liittyä saavutettavan oppimisen toimeenpanosuunnitelmaan. Linkki, jonka kautta löytyy pdf:
    Jos suosituksia on enemmän, niin priorisoikaa lista (tärkein ja kiireellisin ensin) -> tulokset me