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Workshop code: WS07

Time: January 9th 2014, 10.15 - 13.30

Location: Y404, Otakaari 1

Goal: Share experiences and views on the changing landscape for formal and non-formal education

Method: We will be placing bets on different scenarios of potential developments in (online) education:

  • Scenario: In X years, there will be Y universities left.
  • Scenario: There will be University of Google, and it's going to be massive.
  • ...

Who should attend: Teachers, students, ICT administrators and developers

Stakeholders: Society at large, current educators and learners in particular; people on both sides of the divide

Presenter, moderators and facilitators:

  • Jaakko Kurhila,
  • Minna Vänskä


  1. ...


Workshop results

We wrote down some ideas about three different scenarios onto a padlet. Because we worked in Finnish, the notes are mostly in Finnish: Padlet-notes .


  1. Työpajaan osallistuivat: Jukka Parviainen, Maria Söderholm, Juho Salmi, Markus Torkkeli.

    1. Padlet on hyvä. Onko tietoa palvelun kestosta eli pitäisikö tuo jollain tavalla varmuuskopioida tänne wikiin?