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Workshop code: WS05

Time: 10:15 - 13:30

Location: H304


How to plan your course and make your job easier. How to get the most out of a contact lecture. Flipped classroom. Blended learning. Activating students.

Notice! Bring your own device to take part in tech demos.


  • Introduction, "What is blended learning?"
  • Voting of interesting topics
  • Small group discussion on topics
  • Examples and possible solutions for common needs
  • Lunch

Who should attend: service personnel, teaching staff, students

Stakeholders: TOST / Vipu-team

Presenter, moderators and facilitators: 

  • Lauri Saarinen 
  • Marko Riimala


This session is designed for at most 18 people. Please add your name, title and school/unit below if you're coming.

  1. Joni Tammi, researcher, Aalto ELEC / Metsähovi Radio Observatory
  2. Sauli Hänninen, Aalto BIZ / BScBA Degree program, Mikkeli Campus
  3. Janne Halme, University Lecturer, Aalto SCI / Department of Applied Physics
  4. Miika Oksman, Aalto SCI / Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis
  5. Tomi Järvinen, information security specialist Aalto IT




Viscipad for easy notetaking


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  1. Notes of the workshop WS05 (Education goes blended)
    Participants (list all the people who were present):
    The aim of the workshop is to (continue here) ... 
    Themes / topics debated:
    Recommendations for improved accessibility:
    Ohje vetäjille:
    Työpajan lopuksi *ainakin* yksi selvä ja strategiaan perustuva suositus saavutettavuuden kehittämiseksi. Suosituksen tulisi liittyä saavutettavan oppimisen toimeenpanosuunnitelmaan. Linkki, jonka kautta löytyy pdf:
    Jos suosituksia on enemmän, niin priorisoikaa lista (tärkein ja kiireellisin ensin) -> tulokset me