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Education goes Accessible 2014 symposium, January 9th 2014

Thank you for joining us for a nice day at Otakaari 1 premises to

  • Co-create educational services

  • Improve existing processes

  • Develope novel ideas about teaching, research and societal impact

  • Promote good relations and equality in Aalto University!

>> Webcasting by ACP at 9-10:

>> Print a poster (PDF)

>> Enrol - Ilmoittaudu (closed)

Important Dates were

Read this document and make comments on your workshop page, please.


Aalto-yliopiston saavutettavan oppimisen toimeenpanosuunnitelma lukuvuosille 2012-2013 ja 2013-2014 (Inside, PDF)

På svenska:

Verkställighetsplan för tillgängligt lärande vid Aalto-universitetet för läsåren 2012-2013 och 2013-2014 (Inside, PDF)

In English:

Aalto University implementation plan for accessible learning for the academic years 2012-2013 and 2013–201 (Inside, PDF)


Aalto University implementation plan for accessible learning is based on the Aalto University strategy and general policies on accessible learning, enabling environment and open access. The plan provides a detailed description of the measures to be taken to reach our goal of equal and accessible learning. The measures and the monitoring of their implementation have been agreed upon in an annual meeting between the service units of the university. 

The Aalto University services support high-quality research and teaching and promote a learning-centred operating culture accessible for every member of our community. Accessibility awareness should be essential part of our shared knowledge among faculty and staff. Members of the university community are encouraged to look at the Aalto studying or research environment from a broad perspective to recognise any barriers: in addition to physical barriers, it is important to be aware of the challenges associated with different ways of learning or teaching and with attitudes, which may accumulate to form barriers to learning. 

Education goes Accessible 2014 symposium is for learning, sharing and innovating best practices to promote equality and diversity at Aalto University. We will learn the opportunities offered by the blended learning environments of Aalto University. The goal is to provide the teachers with a good general knowledge of the benefits of blended learning environments and teaching methods and to train them in referring the students for the university services they need. 

The specifications and improvements to the implementation plan will be made in collaboration with the experts of the Aalto schools by charting best practices in the workshops and putting them later to use in a manner suitable for each school. 

Enabling Aalto environment

The enabling environment framework focuses on service and management actions, such as equality, fairness, removal of technical, legal and administrative barriers to knowledge building, sound economic policy and transparency, all of which create an environment conducive to effective use of resources and available technology.

The 'enabling environment' framework improves the development of accessibility in environmentally sound technologies. Building the enabling Aalto environment means continuous identification and removal of seen and unseen barriers at each level of our daily activities.



8.30 Registration by the H304, 3rd floor, Otakaari 1, Aalto University

  • Morning coffee at your own cost at the restaurant Silinteri, 2nd floor
  • Please note, that any kind of beverage or food is not allowed in H304!
Webcasting by ACP at 9-10:

9.00 Welcome! Martti Raevaara / Vice President, Aalto University

9.10 Keynote 1, Risto Nieminen / Dean, Aalto SCI

  • Communication in science.

9.30 Keynote 2, Erja Heikkinen / Counselor of Education, Ministry of Education

10.15 Workshops begin

Lunch (decided by workshops: Moderators know the available restaurants)


Workshops continue until 13.30

13.45 Afternoon coffee and tea at the restaurant Silinteri, 2nd floor (Will be served to enrolled participants - remember to ask the coffee ticket!)

14.30 Keynote 3, Panu Artemjeff / Ministry of the Interior, Good Relations project

15.00 Keynote 4, Johanna Naukkarinen / Development manager, Academic affairs, LUT

15.30 Workshop briefing for the panel: Christa Winqvist

15.45 Panel: What is accessibility in Aalto education? What we need to establish inclusive education? Defining practical guidelines. Moderators Tarmo Toikkanen and Martti Rahkila.

16.15 Concluding discussion: How to continue?

16.45 Closing remarks by Martti Raevaara and Antti Raike

Contribute after the symposium: Comment your workshop

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January 9th, 2014 at 9-17


Otakaari 1, Aalto. Opening and closing at H304, workshops in M and Y wings

The following premises have been booked for the symposium keynotes and workshops. Make your reservation here, please.

  1. K101 / H1, Meeting room with a screen: Workshop Diverse students - flexible tuition. Contact moderator Johanna Korkeamäki / Kuntoutussäätiö for details.
  2. Y115, Meeting space at the Otakaari 1 main lobby (no screen, no data projector but a nice space and equipment could be loaned): Teaching equality and diversity. Developing a course for all Aalto students. Raevaara ja Rahkila.
  3. Y309a, Meeting room: Workshop CC and OCW. What kind of courses MA and PhD students would need? Open Access publishing of articles and data. Moderator Maria Rehbinder, facilitator Tarmo Toikkanen
  4. M140, Majakka: Workshop Library goes Learning Center. Contact Matti Raatikainen for details.
  5. H304, hallituksen istuntosali: a) morning keynotes, b) Online collaboration: Education goes Blended workshop. Saarinen & Riimala, and c) closing session with the panel.
  6. M102, Maininki with a screen: Workshop International university - Cross-cultural & interreligious education. Contact Henri Järvinen for details.
  7. Y404, MOOCs and SPOCs (SPOC) in education. Moderator Jaakko Kurhila, facilitator Minna Vänskä.
  8. Y159, the student hub: Workshop Accessibility – Everyone’s responsibility by Mariana Salgado, Sini Piippo / CIMO and Petr Potchinchtchikov / Culture for all.
  9. Y225a, Riihi with a screen: Workshop Reachability and accessibility of the Otaniemi Campus. Contact Ira Verma for details.
  10. M220, Krossi open space with sofas and high tables: Työpaja Tervetuloa kanditaloon! Yhteys: Saara Maalismaa (työpaja suomeksi).
  11. Y182, the student hub: Työpaja Wellbeing and collaboration with YTHS. Moderaattori Johanna Naukkarinen, fasilitaattori Riitta Salomäki (Työpaja pidetään suomeksi/Workshop in Finnish).
  12. K102 / H2, Videoconference: Työpaja Webcast ja streamaus tekniikat. Moderaattori Anne Sunikka, fasilitaattori Janne Lummaa (työpaja suomeksi).
  13. Y161b, the student hub: Workshop SDP: "Services Convenience Store". Contact Anne Keränen for details.

List of workshops with workshop child pages


>> Enrolment for EgA 2014 <<

  1. Antti Raike / Aalto university
  2. Sakari Heikkilä / Aalto University Policy & Foresight
  3. Jenny Vainio / University Chaplaincy, Otaniemi Campus
  4. Henri Järvinen / University Chaplaincy, Arabia Campus
  5. Annika Mauno / Aalto University, School of Chemical Technology, Student Services
  6. Martti Raevaara / Vice president, Aalto
  7. Martti Rahkila / HR, Aalto
  8. Minna Vänskä / Aalto University, Strategic Support for Reseach and Education
  9. Jaakko Kurhila / University of Helsinki, Dept of Computer Science
  10. Matti Raatikainen / Aalto University Library
  11. Outi Rautakoura / Aalto University, Strategic Support for Research and Education
  12. Katri Koistinen / Aalto University, School of Engineering, Student Services
  13. Maria Rehbinder / Aalto University / Research Support Services
  14. Tarmo Toikkanen / Aalto University / School of Arts, Design and Architecture / Media Lab / Learning Environments research group
  15. Sini Piippo / CIMO / Higher Education Cooperation
  16. Tapio Haanperä / Aalto SCI
  17. Ira Verma / Sotera Institute
  18. Paula Pietilä / University of Turku
  19. Panu Artemjeff / Ministry of the Interior
  20. Mikael Seppälä / Student Information Systems
  21. Lauri Saarinen / Strategic Support for Research and Education
  22. Marko Riimala / Strategic Support for Research and Education
  23. Tomi Järvinen / Aalto IT services
  24. Anne Sunikka / Aalto IT services
  25. Juho Salmi / Student, MOOC enthusiast
  26. Johanna Naukkarinen / Lappeenranta University of Technology, Student Services
  27. Ari Korhonen / Aalto School of Science / Department of Computer Science and Engineering / Learning + Technology research group
  28. Saara Maalismaa / Aalto University
  29. Milla Vaisto-Oinonen / Aalto University, Admission Services
  30. Pia Lahti / Aalto CHEM
  31. Laura Heinonen / SYL / KYKY
  32. Riitta Salomäki / YTHS / Otaniemi
  33. Sari Tiula-Alho / YTHS
  34. Anna Malmberg-Virta / YTHS / Hervanta
  35. Pete Simontschuk / Aalto IT services
  36. Päivi Rainò / Humak
  37. Kirsi Munck / Aalto OOP
  38. Johanna Korkeamäki / Kuntoutussäätiö
  39. Tarja Toikka / Aalto University
  40. Mirka Jalonen/ Aalto ENG
  41. Börje Helenius/ Aalto ENG
  42. Elina Lehkonen/ Aalto SCI 
  43. Johanna Söderholm / Aalto-universitetet (aamupäivä)
  44. Kiruthika Srinivasan (For 1-2 workshops) / Aalto / International Relations
  45. Tiina Kerola / Aalto SCI
  46. Jukka Parviainen / Aalto SCI
  47. Juha Martikainen / Aalto IT
  48. Satu Kekäläinen / Aalto IT
  49. Tatiana, Minav / Aalto ENG
  50. Taru Henriksson / Aalto ARTS
  51. Heidi Pellinen / Aalto University
  52. Anssi Pirttijärvi / OKM
  53. Janne Halme / Aalto SCI
  54. Markus Torkkeli / Aalto University, Strategic Support for Reseach and Education 
  55. Kátia Torres Airava / Arcada University of Applied Sciences
  56. Mia Ekström / Arcada, Studyservices
  57. Anna Kholina / Aalto ARTS, Department of Design
  58. Anna Berg / Aalto ARTS, Media Factory
  59. Leena Närekangas / Aalto Media Factory
  60. Maria Clavert / Aalto Design Factory
  61. Marjo Immonen / Aalto ENG
  62. Risto Maijala / Aalto University Library
  63. Jyrki Messo / Aalto ARTS
  64. Philip Dean / Aalto ARTS, Aalto Media Factory
  65. Joni Tammi / Aalto ELEC, Metsähovi Radio Observatory
  66. Sauli Hänninen / Aalto BIZ, BScBA Degree Program, Mikkeli Campus
  67. Olavi Nieminen / Aalto BIZ, Small Business Center
  68. Tomi Heimonen / Aalto BIZ, BScBA Degree Program, Mikkeli Campus
  69. Miika Oksman / Aalto SCI
  70. Anna Fomkin/ Aalto ELEC
  71. Anne Keränen / Aalto IT services
  72. Valeria Gryada / Aalto University Library
  73. Eeva Myller / SYL / Kyky-projekti
  74. Riikka Leikola / ELEC OOP
  75. Stina Westman / Aalto University Policy & Foresight
  76. Anu Vaaraniemi / Aalto ENG
  77. Kalle Palomäki / Aalto University, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics
  78. Milla Ovaska / Aalto Student Union/Specialist for international affairs
  79. Maria Söderholm / Aalto University, Dep. of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics (Maankäyttötieteiden laitos)
  80. Teemu Leinonen / Aalto ARTS
  81. Pham Tien Hoang / Aalto Elec
  82. Jaakko Kölhi / Aalto SCI
  83. Tomi Kauppinen (MOOC, New Media, Spatial Cognition) / Aalto SCI / Department of Media Technology
  84. Tapio Ala-Nissilä, head of the Doctoral Program / Aalto SCI
  85. Pauliina Skyttä / Aalto University, Campus and Facility Services
  86. Antti Rousi / Aalto Univ. Library 
  87. Tuija Sonkkila / Aalto University Library
  88. Petri Mustajoki / Aalto IT services
  89. Anne Kanto / Aalto ELEC HR
  90. Kari Kautto / Aalto IT
  91. Tapani Vuorinen / Aalto CHEM
  92. Petr Potchinchtchikov, Diversity Advisor / Culture for all service
  93. Pamela Spokes / Aalto University, International Relations
  94. Mikko Syrjäsuo / Aalto ELEC, Technical Services
  95. Sini Aalto / Aakti ELEC, outgoing exchange students
  96. Anna Mäkilä / Aalto CHEM
  97. Noora Jaakkola / Aalto ARTS
  98. Mikko Kurimo / Aalto ELEC, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics
  99. Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University Communications
  100. Kari Peltola / Aalto University, Strategic Support for Reseach and Education 
  101. Riikka Kangaslampi / Aalto SCI, Dep. of Math & SA


Enrolment for Education goes Accessible 2014 (closed)

History: Previous symposiums in 2012 and 2013

Media goes Accessible 2012

Service goes Accessible 2013


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