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Waypoint navigation for an autonomous all-terrain vehicle

Basic Information

Project ID: AEE-2020-19

Students: Jani Arponen, Anand George, Sakke Jussmäki, Tommi Penttilä, Ville Piesala, Markus Sarlin

Project manager: Jani Arponen

Instructor: Badar Tabish

Other advisors: Mika Vainio

Starting date: 16.1.2020

Completion date: 29.5.2020


Waypoint navigation in autonomous systems relies heavily in knowing the precise position of the system in question. The Polaris e-ATV used by the Aalto University's Autonomous Systems Research Group is one such system in need of more accurate positioning data. The aim for this project was to implement Differential Global Navigation Satellite System (DGNSS) corrections for the Polaris, using the hardware already installed on the Polaris, with corrections provided by the National Land Survey of Finland.

The project goal was significantly altered as a result of the actions taken by the university in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project group lost all access to the hardware. The original goals of the project could not be met, but auxiliary objectives were explored and implemented. Post-processing GNSS data together with the DGNSS corrections was researched, but deemed impossible with the limited tools available during the COVID-19 lockdown. Finally, a simplified satellite based positioning system simulation was implemented in Matlab. An Extended Kalman Filter is used in estimating a simulated rovers state based only on noisy range measurements of said satellites. Future work recommendations for expanding the satellite simulation is also presented.

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Multimedia File what_is_DGNSS.mp4 May 09, 2020 by Markus Sarlin
File sat_pos.m May 29, 2020 by Jani Arponen
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