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Underwater Robot Control

Basic Information

Students: Olli Nurmes, Tuomas Kivistö, Tapani Pärssinen

Project manager: Olli Nurmes

Instructor:  Juha Tervo

Other advisors:

Starting date: 1.2.2023

Completion date: 20.6.2023

The goal of this project was to implement control and measurement platform for a underwater robot( float ). Floats are robots that are able to control their buoyancy and thus the depth in which they float. The control was to be implemented using motor and sensor data feedback-control. The sensor in question was to be CTD( concentration, temperature and most importantly depth). Also GPS was to be implemented for locating the float. The motor was powered by two 11.1v 7100mAh batteries connected in series due to motor voltage requirements.

For the project  some CAD designs for motor feedback were implemented, the electrics and battery protection circuit were designed and RaspberryPI and Arduino logics were programmed.

Due to difficulties with implementing CTD and accuracy of GPS these both were omitted, the control was based on buoyancy estimation based on motor encoder data and dimensions of the device. The control could be either pre programmed or through wireless communication, and rough depth estimations are stored in RaspberryPI which could be broadcasted to other devices.

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