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Smart Vertical Farm

Basic Information

Students:Helmi Hirvelä, Alex Näsi, Saara Tyynelä, Neha Sood

Project manager:Neha Sood

Instructor: Polina Ovsiannikova

Other advisors:Udayanto Dwi Atmojo, Pranay Jhunjhunwala

Starting date: 11-01-2022

Completion date: 3-06-2022


Vertical farming is a practice where the crops are growing in trays which are vertically stacked in layers in an artificially controlled environment. The smart vertical farm is for customers who have the need to grow vegetables all year round with minimal human involvement. Our solution gives the customer not only an automatic, customizable and modular farm, but also local and organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. The vertical farm has climate, water, light and nutrition control to ensure maximum yield. Vertical farming is one of the ways to achieve sustainable development goals of zero hunger. With the growing population, there is tremendous stress on conventional agriculture and farmers resort to using pesticides to maximize productivity. Pesticides can severely damage the ecosystem leading to issues like eutrophication that can wipe out aquatic life. In addition, they are also associated with many health issues like respiratory diseases and Cancer. Population growth has put pressure on traditional farming in terms of space shortage. The weather in places like Finland doesn’t favor growing vegetables all year round, which means food needs to be imported from warmer countries. This increases the carbon footprint, with vertical farming we can cut down the supply chain by growing food closer to where it is consumed. Vertical farming does not need pesticides because the farm is in a closed space protected from the external environment. The assembly and maintenance will be fast and easy because of the modularity. There will not be any wastewater because of water recycling. The productivity of the vegetables will be high because of the optimized controls. Compared to competitors in the market the biggest benefit is modularity in other words plug-and-play feature.


Our objective was to build a Smart Vertical Farm that is easy to assemble, operate and maintain by anyone. The software and the hardware were designed such that they are modular and easily reconfigurable. Readings of temperature, humidity levels, CO2 concentration, and oxygen concentration are used to provide ideal growing conditions for the crops with the aim to maximize productivity. Vertical farming aims to produce nutrients-rich and pesticide-free crops all year round at a much higher productivity than traditional agriculture in a sustainable way.


The objectives for this year's scope of Vertical Farm development were to redesign the control box, attach analog controllers and sensors, rewire the control box, refactor the existing software, and implement the plug-and-play concept. Out of these, we were able to successfully realize all the objectives to the expected level, except for the plug and play concept. More detailed analysis of the result is available in the Final report.


Vertical Farm


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