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Magnetic micromanipulation using multiple coils

Basic information

Project ID: AEE-2017-19

Students: Pyry Vikberg, Johannes Kaunisvaara, Eero Santamala

Project manager: Pyry Vikberg

Instructor: Zoran Cenev

Other advisors: Prof. Quan Zhou

Starting date: 5.1.2017

Completion date:


The objective was to design and build a platform to relocate superparamagnetic microparticles using multiple coils, aka. electromagnets.

Summary of results

The following is an explanation of the diagram of the poster.

The platform consists of a holder that contains a small "cup" with a transparent bottom which will contain the particles in a clear liquid. On the borders of the cup are coils, or electromagnets which are turned on and off to relocate the particles. The "cup" is observed with a microscope to which a camera has been attached. The camera is attached to a computer that shows the view of the microscope. A user can observe the particles and control the current in the coils with a keyboard. The computer is connected to a DIO (digital input/output) which in turn controls the relays in the electronics that control the current in the coils.


The microscope, camera, computer, DIO and electronics function as desired. The coils have been tested with a compass and a ferromagnetic fluid and deemed operational.




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