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Low-voltage three-phase electric drive for laboratory exercises

Basic Information

Project ID: AEE-2021

Students: Roman Suran, Hannu Hartikainen, Shweta Kulkarni, Jaakob Kyllönen

Project manager: Roman Suran

Instructor: Lauri Tiitinen

Other advisors: - 

Starting date: 12.01.2021

Completion date: 04.06.2021

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  1. Watch the introductory video here : Project_video_720p.mp4

    Description of the project

    Our project is focused on low-voltage three-phase electric drive, which will be used as a laboratory exercise for future students. Three-phase electric drive will be used to control motor by methods such as scalar and vector control. Three-phase synchronous permanent magnet motor operates at very low voltage level and therefore fulfils safety precautions and can be used by laymen without professional competence in electrical engineering. However, to avoid hardware damage, the instruction manual is highly recommended to read. The online module including the hardware and Simulink models will impart the flexibility to the users to choose what kind of motor control they would like to implement. The hardware can be easily bought online and the software with documentation are provided at wiki aalto website.

    The aim of the project is therefore to create satisfactory motor control together with the instruction document suited to the knowledge of the students. Thus, it is a simple yet very knowledgeable project which will clear the basic concepts of the students by getting hands-on experience with step-by-step instructions and help from the experts in the field. Similar topology of the final project can be also used widely for different automation industry purposes.

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