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Basic Information

Students: Ukko Kasvi, Elma Tuohimetsä, Pertti Nieminen, Hao Geng, Valtteri Kahelin

Project manager: Ukko Kasvi

Instructor: Paulo Pinho

Other advisors:

Starting date: 28.1.2022

Completion date: 6.6.2022

Illuminance is a quantity of photometry which describes luminous flux falling on a surface. Its measurement and control are crucial parts of all lighting design. However, its detection is a laborious and time-consuming task, as traditional methods require measurements from individual locations. This project considers the possibility of remote illuminance measurement through a software.

The project required a lot of study on quantities of photometry, such as luminance, reflectance and illuminance. Additionally, it involved a lot of learning about digital image analysis.

Measurements of luminance were achieved by analyzing the digital image data and reflectances were studied with the help of a handheld illuminance sensor and trial and error.

The end product was a software that was given several photographs taken with a DSLR camera with different exposure values. Then, it analyzes the illuminances of the photographed area. Then, a smaller area may be selected for more careful analysis. The user inserts the reflectance value for the selected area, and the software calculates the illuminances for the selection, with the maximum and minimum values and the uniformity.

Remote sensing of illuminance would possibly help understand and implement illumination. If the methodology is developed to gain results in real time, it could be used as a sensor for example in smart lighting solutions.

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