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Flexible Automated Assembly System with Digital Twin and Energy Measures

Basic Information

Students: Jani Järvenpää, Oskari Rytkönen, Janne Keränen, Hiruni Kothalawala, Markus Syyrilä

Project manager: Markus Syyrilä

Instructor: Pranay Jhunjhunwala

Other advisors: Valeriy Vyatkin, Udayanto Dwi Atmojo

Starting date: 01.02.2022

Completion date: 02.06.2022

Project Overview

The scope of this project was to design and implement a prototype of a reconfigurable automated assembly system with decentralized automation, 5G wireless communication, and smart energy measures. The work was facilitated by Aalto Factory of the Future (AFoF), where many past groups have focused on the EnAS demonstrator. We worked with the CP Lab demonstrator as the first group in AFoF history, as well as with the EnAS demonstrator. 

For Festo CP-Lab the goals were to implement a digital twin, which was to be controlled with an algorithm implemented with IEC 61499 standard. After testing CP-Lab’s control algorithm jointly with the digital twin, the control algorithm was to be deployed to PLCs on the physical demonstrator in the laboratory. Using the digital twin, we demonstrated flexibility and reconfigurability capabilities of the IEC 61499 technology. To demonstrate the concept, we swapped various modules in the digital twin model of CP-Lab and showcased the quick reconfigurability on the software side. Lastly, CP-lab’s controllers were to be connected to the 5G network at the AFoF laboratory. 5G mobile connectivity would have added flexibility to the assembly line so that the CP-lab modules could be flexibly relocated according to customer needs. Despite plans to implement the algorithm and demonstrate flexibility on the physical demonstrator and the 5G network, the installations of the physical demonstrator were not completed by the expected time. .

For EnAS, our goal was to implement an optimal, standalone power supply unit including energy measurement possibilities. The EnAS demonstrator was to be equipped with energy measurements that are connected to the main controller for data collection and signal processing. The goal was to use the energy measurements to estimate energy consumption and evaluate battery capacity level. The control algorithm would take into account the energy consumption, energy price, and available energy, following which the use of the battery/UPS could be determined. Electrical energy storage system that is fitting for purpose was researched, selected and installed. Feasibility of measurements and energy storage were evaluated. Control algorithm for measurement and control was created and commissioned.

For further instructions about continuing this project, contact Pranay Jhunjhunwala (


  • Developing a digital twin of the Festo CP-Lab available at the Aalto Factory of the Future (AFoF)
  • Developing a control algorithm for the Festo CP-Lab
  • Connection of Festo CP Lab Controllers to the 5G network available in the AFoF
  • Equipping the EnAS demonstrator with a energy storage system and a energy measurement system


This year's project group had four objectives at the beginning. Out of the four, we were able to successfully realize three objectives to the expected level, except the objective on connection to the 5G network. However, the designed control algorithm was not tested on the physical CP-Lab system due to the system not being installed until the end of the project. The testing was done on the Digital Twin. For the same reason, achieving the objective related to the integration with 5G networks was also not possible.




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