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AEE Project Work course 2023

The projects:

Stable Diffusion for Robot Grasping in Cluttered Environments

3D Modeling of Pipeline Sections Within a Building by Means of Inertial Navigation Methods

Developing an Automated Instrument for Elastic Material Characterization

Underwater Robot Control

Human Motion Trajectory Prediction for Socially Compliant Robot Navigation

Sim2Real Robotized Object Manipulation

Plug And Play Solution for Vertical Farming

3D-Printed Robotic Manipulator

Human-Centric Production Operator Digital Twin

Creating a Robotic Surrogate for Co-evolving Behaviour and Design in the Real World

Application for Predictive Sensing in Indoor Environment

Teleoperation of Off-terrain Vehicles

Train Driver Display Test Robot

Smart Diaper Sensor System

Smart Vibration Sensor

Driver Interface for a AlN-based Piezoelectric Microelectromechanical System (MEMS)

Instrumentation for Ballistocardiography 2023

Electrocardiogram App for Android

Power Flow Software with a GUI for Use in Analyzing Electricity Distribution Networks

A Synchronous Reluctance Machine Drive for Crane Applications

Hydrogen-based Sector Coupling: the Role of Heat Capture, Usage, and Storage

Digitalisation of Car Heating Port for Electric Vehicle Charging

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