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Instructions for viewing the Programme director's Annual clock

(Intructions to be updated after service platform 26.9.2022 release, new technical features)

What is Programme director's annual clock for educational processes?

The Programme director's annual clock is a tool which shows you an overview of Aalto University's time-related educational processes and their subprocesses /tasks.
The annual clock is a way  to find further instructions on the processes, as well as links to tools and more specific guidelines and instructions.

The annual clock is currently in pilot phase.

The deployment into Aalto-level use is planned for December 2022.
When in wider use, every member of the university can have access to view the annual clock.
A defined group of Aalto Learning services staff have the editing rights to the contents (see section Ohjeet Vuosikellon editointiin)

What kind of information can I find from the annual clock? 

The annual clock comprises information on shared processes among all schools of Aalto University as well as school specific information. 

The annual clock includes information on following categories: Education development, Student marketing, recruitment and admissions, and Teaching and student guidance.
The actual educational processes /themes belong to one category each.

Functionalities of the annual clock (update of the screenshots needed in accordance with forthcoming tool functions)

The information

  • Information is shown in categories(1). There are three categories: Education development (blue), Student marketing, recruitment and admissions (red), and Teaching and student guidance (green).
  • Under the categories there are processes (or educational themes) (2). Processes are linked to one category, marked by the same colour.
  • The subprocess (or tasks) are related to a certain process. Processes and its subprocesses are presented on one line, which are also presented as a timeline (3).
  • E.g. On one line, (belonging to a category "Student marketing, recruitment and admissions") a process "Bachelor admissions"  includes several subprocesses/task (e.g. "Application period for master’s programmes", which are presented on timeline.


You can open the filtering on the left side of the page (4).

You can filter the information by several options. 

  • Level of the education: bachelor/master/doctoral/continuous education (5),
  • Categories: see above (6)
  • Schools, including common university level and specific schools (7)

Your current selections are presented below the chart. ( )


You can select what timescale and moment to view by

  • Zooming in and out with the + and - buttons. (8)
  • Move the timeline by dragging it. 
  • Scroll down on the page. 

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