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This is a simple quiz to present three Aalto campuses – Pick out the right place from the Welcome video!

Go to Into and take a quiz!


#welcometoaalto presenters

Correct answer takes you to the proper website!


Sirosh greets you at


Health Factory, Aalto ELEC

Aalto Design Factory Machine Shop


Raghavendra greets you at

Restaurant Calori

Restaurant Alvari

Restaurant Kipsari


Tatiana greets you at

Main entrance of Aalto BIZ

Main entrance of Aalto ARTS



Yiying greets you at

Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

Media Centre Lume Gallery, Aalto ARTS

Learning services, Aalto ARTS


Arshe greets you at

Aalto Design Factory lobby


Sampo Hall, Lume, Aalto ARTS


Stefanie greets you at

Media Lab Helsinki, Aalto ARTS

Computer Science Building, Aalto SCI

Töölö Campus Library, Aalto BIZ


Claudia greets you at

Aalto BIZ main lobby

Aalto Media Factory, Aalto ARTS

Restaurant Alvari


Jaan greets you at

Alvar Square




Scott greets you at

Renovated BA building lobby, Otakaari 1

Learning Center Beta

Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory ADD


Mya greets you at

Department of Computer Science, Aalto SCI

Lume workshops and studios at Aalto ARTS

Nanofabrication Centre

 Eero greets you at

Aalto Media Factory

Finlandia meeting room, Lämpömiehenkuja 2

Restaurant Rafla, Aalto BIZ


AYY board greets you at


AYY service point

Learning Hub, Otakaari 1

TUAS building


production crew members

She or he works at?
 Mikko Raskinen

Communications services COS




Antti Raike

Open Innovation House OIH

Campus services CAS

Learning Center Beta

 Saara Maalismaa

Learning services LES

Learning Hub



Johanna Söderholm

Learning services LES


Media Center Lume


Katri Ventus


TUAS building

Learning services LES

 Riikka Leikola

Health Factory

Aalto ELEC learning services, LES ELEC

AYY service point




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  1. Tämähän on hauska! Mihin/missä se julkaistaan?