Accessible Aalto Network (AccaNet) is for collaboration and knowledge building to improve our main processes and quality at Aalto University. AccANet members are volunteers who have agreed with their directors to promote accessibility in schools and units. Network members serve as human nodes for different kinds of accessibility issues met in our daily activities. In addition, AccaNet updates the tri-annual Aalto University implementation plan for accessible learning with the help of their peers. The accessibility work is coordinated by the team appointed by the provost.

Members are listed below according to coordination group, schools, service units and research units. 

 • Dhima Sari (ACRE; chair) • Rahkila Martti (ITS) • Rintala Anni (LES) • Salven Robert (COMS) •
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Members and contributors of AccaNet on January 18, 2023

Aalto University Accessibility Coordination Group

Diversity and accessibility are the guiding principles of equality at Aalto University. Accessibility of teaching and other academic activities, campus, and services both physically and digitally support the Aalto community in making sure that everyone has the opportunity to access the university’s knowledge, ideas, and resources. Aalto University’s Accessibility coordination group is formed to improve coordination across domains.  Accessibility coordination group members from 1.5.2021:


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