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Department of Civil Engineering

 BIM Research Group





Bhargav Dave (Postdoc, BIMforLean)

Mehmet Yalcinkaya (PhD Candidate, BIM for FM, VisuaLynk)

Ergo Pikas (PhD Candidate)

Sunil Suwal (PhD Candidate, PT): BIM in education

Marika Latvala (PhD Candidate, PT):   Self-organizing Networks

Pedro Aibeo (PhD Candidate, PT): Architectural Democracy

Research activities (by area)

 Prospective Students

Selected Publications


Events@Aalto BIM

 Aalto- BuildingSmart BIM Breakfasts
 BIM Summer School


Building Information modeling (BIM) is by design most beneficial when the different project related information, generated across different disciplines, can be managed and integrated for consistency. A range of BIM applications have been developed over the last three decades in the belief that such systems offer an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of architecture, design, construction, operation and use of the built environment. However, it is increasingly evident that creating the information technology tools are only one necessary step on a much more complex path to the sought after improvements. There is a complex relationship between modeling technology, building systems and services, management and organization of actors over the life-cycle of the built environment.

What do we want to achieve?

The BIM initiative at Aalto University aims at combining established streams of research on BIM, design knowledge management, lean construction and service engineering and management to realize the promise of BIM in improving operational effectiveness and performance over the life-cycle of the built environment.

What opportunities do we see?

The BIM initiative seeks to bring the research at Aalto University to the forefront of new knowledge development and practical application through collaboration. The foundation is the pioneering work of researchers and practitioners. We seek to directly engage in problem discovery and solution design with leading developers and adopters of BIM. We want to establish a fruitful relationship with the many researchers and research groups within Aalto University and other leading research organizations on different aspects of building information modeling and management. To connect with a wider international network we seek to invite leading researchers to work with us and our industry collaborators.

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